Hope with New Thoughts

Larne’ Neuland’s personal life is testimony to the awesome force through thought. Well known inspirational speaker on thought values, she has dedicated her life to passing on the threads of thought which will weave a joyous life.

Larne’s passion is to share the need for unambiguous thought awareness. Her life experience brought her to a place where she was driven to change her dire circumstances.  During this despairing time, she was asked to look at her thoughts. “I found a bunch of losers!” she confides. Armed with an innovative new thinking strategy, Larne’  stuck to a literal diet of ‘positives only’ and discovered the mind blowing power of our everyday thoughts. To make this selective thinking a simple task, she had color coded positives and negatives.  She wrote HOW TO WIN WHEN LIFE IS UNFAIR and began speaking publically to share hope for others. “Why did I not learn this at school?”

Determined to highlight the need for thought education in young children, Larne’ then created a program which can be used by parents and teachers. The First Seven Years  is a novel approach to introducing thought awareness to children from as young as two and upwards. She is a firm believer that those early years is the period when a life long  mental foundation is established.

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