How to Win when Life is Unfair

In 1993 in South Africa, Larne’ first published her book. The fresh approach to thought understanding and mental discipline, was simple yet proved to be an excellent tool to overcome adversity and change the quality of life.  This easy to read publication has had frequent updates over the years, never deviating from the winning principle. Larne’ recently moved to the States where she has completed the latest update and given  the book a fresh cover. 

“If I could get out of the hopeless mess my life was, anyone can. There’s hope for all so turn up the music in your life. You’ve got all the tools you need. It is possible that my book may be slightly biased, but surely all writers pen the message that arises from their soul song? Everything I have written is a result of the road travelled by me. Nothing can be validated by learned degrees from notable universities. I did not attend college.  I just got married. My goal in life being, to have a “happy family.”

Comments from readers in different walks of life

“Larne', your book is fascinating and intriguing. I believe that although written for the layman, your concepts can be used by philosophers, psychologists and scientists alike.”

Victor Meyer

South African Scientist currently residing in New Zealand

“I found Larne's book empowering and inspirational.”

Gary Player

South African World Golf Champion, the only non-American to win the ‘Grand Slam’

"This book has given me incredible strength, hope and belief. I have reread it over the years and it has the same effect of empowerment, something I also passed on to my now adult children.”

Dagma Eliason

Mother of three now in Germany

Let's take a Peek at our Thoughts

Larne’s question: “Why was I not taught about my thoughts at school?”  She is a firm believer that the first seven years of life are the most important formative years which determine a child’s future. She has created a novel course giving parents and educators an excellent tool to teach kids about their thoughts.  They  learn about their thoughts, positives and negatives as ‘Loves’ and ‘Grouches’. The course teaches young minds how they can form the habit of selecting Loves and kicking out the ‘Grouches’ thereby planting the seeds for a positive mindset.  This all on a level they can understand. The course, The First Seven Years, has seven lessons and a range of products to support the teaching. Tried and tested over two decades, the feedback from schools and parents is that kids from as young as two years and upwards grasp the concept. Teachers find the atmosphere in the classroom has changed and parents report that  communication between all family members is much improved. The program consists of a range of fun resources for children as well as direction for parents, teachers and mentors. 

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