Inspirational Talks

School Events & Parent Evenings

What kind of thinker are you? Inspiring talks to parents and educators creating awareness that children form their foundational thinking patterns before the age of 8 years. Larné focuses on the huge importance of the role of parental example and reminds mentors that the future of mankind is in our hands.

Schools & Parents Talk

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NGOs and Groups

Glow from the inside out! Captivating and inspirational, Larné shares how we can make the most of our lives and learn how to soar above our challenges. Talks are fun as thinker types are revealed but the message is simple and powerful.  “You only have one life, you cannot lose out here.”

NGOs & Community Groups Talk

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Corporate Talks

Stress minimises productive functionality. What you think is what you get so use the explosive power of a positive attitude to take you where you want to go. Delegates are equipped with the winning formula to learn from and rise above adversity. Find out what ‘thinker type’ you are and become a thought expert!    Simple… and it works.

Corporate Seminar

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