Mental Equivalent

Your mental domain, all the things you ponder on and think about, is the precise equivalent of your life. Where you go in your mind, all the threads of thought that you think are downloaded and present to you your quality of life.  So what you think is what you get! You can rid yourself of the mental equivalent of things that you do not want in your life. When you do this diligently, they will go. You can also bring into your life the things you desire, with a matching mental equivalent.


Take a look at the magnet’s awesome action. Place a paperclip close to a magnet and,  like a gunshot the paperclip slams onto the magnet.  Astounding law of magnetism.  And this is one of the attributes included in the human package. The magnetic attraction that your thoughts have.  They attract to you  the essence of your thinking and the quality of your thinking is reflected in your life. You choose your thoughts, and so you are the one responsible for the happenings in your life

What do you want in life

Too many of us are overwhelmed and confused by misinformation and our own assumptions. Fearful of failure, we spend our lives chasing a goal where the cost is too high. Do you know what you want from your one precious life? Think on this. It is all in your hands.

Where are you going

A new thought creates a new pathway on the mental map of our brain. Each time we revisit the pathway it becomes wider and stronger, taking us to a destination of our choice. Make sure the destination does not override the journey.

Has life been unfair

You hold the master key in your life.  Life is only unfair if you think it is unfair. Not what happens to you, but what thoughts you choose. With your thoughts you can change your circumstances. When your thoughts  change, everything changes. 

What are you Creating

Our thoughts become things. When we power up a thought with enthusiasm and clarity, it becomes a lucid goal and our powerful mind will create the product of our imaginings.

A Privilege for us all

The generation of tomorrow is shaped by the generation of today.  Each one of us have the opportunity to make the world a better place. The privilege of leaving behind footsteps of  encouragement and hope. Our time is precious. Our mission is priceless.

Greatest Legacy

Your living example is a powerful energy. The legacy from your journey with mankind. As life walks you through the chaos and the calm, the theme on you canvas can be positive or negative. With brush strokes of kindness, patience and love you have the opportunity to leave behind a masterpiece.

A word from Larné

One Life

Only One Life. We need to get the most out of it and we can it’s in our hands. We need to know .. we need to know how. One Life