It takes Two Generations
To make the world a better place

Our  education system failed to enlighten us. The key to life was not given to us. How to Win when Life is Unfair outlines a simple thinking strategy. You dont need a degree. You dont need money. You dont need a psychologist. You have the tools you need within. What you do need, is a practical and doable guide showing you the way to go.  Reading the book is step one. Applying the simple principle is step two.  You have nothing to lose by trying.  The gain, an unquantifiable reward.

One is not enough

To get new perspectives into our minds and lives, we need to make changes to ourselves and become shining examples for budding generations.  The message in the book for adults is a practical and doable way to achieve this.

Book One

Without the process of young upcoming minds downloading wholesome thinking habits, there cannot be any change. The current destructive negative thought patterns, which include fear, anger, dissatisfaction and greed, will persist. The minds of the growing generations will continue to be swamped with wrong thinking, downloaded during the first seven years. Across the board conduct of future generations can only worsen. Once new awareness has opened our minds and we are selective in our thought choices, our examples will be  powerful living messages, worthy of being copied. When we change our thinking we change everything.

Book Two

The message in the book for children portrays thoughts in a way that children can relate to and understand, yet it is based on precisely the same principle as the adult book.    

The Mentor

What are Mentors?

Every person who has the gift of life, is a mentor. We all play a role in the great saga of mankind. Think you don’t have a meaningful purpose on your journey? What is more meaningful than shaping the future behavior of mankind? Making our world a better place. As children learn primarily from example, our behavior in the presence of a child, is potent.

Only one way around it. Become what you want to see in a child.  Become child aware. The time that you have to make an imprint in their lives is right now and this time will be over so soon.  Interact with your children while you can.  Your building tools are the tone of your voice, the expression in your eyes,  your body language. These are messages children read best of all. The messages that build or break down  their confidence and self worth. Respect this special and limited period. The time will come when they go their own way and you are left with memories of their laughter and their tears. Make the most of this time in your life.


 Chasing success at all costs?  Make sure that the price is never too high. Suddenly you may find that it is too late.  Irreparable damage can occur during the first 7 years. You stand the risk of losing the opportunity for sharing and bonding. The opportunity to grow your child with love and attention, building your child’s self esteem.  And in later years, the young adult that stands tall and faces you eye to eye, may be a stranger. Don’t allow relationships to take second place over material gain, as the prize is a worthless fake.  You have the priceless original right there.  ‘I did it all for you’  will not mend the gaping hole in your child’s heart. Make sure you example is a worthy example and well worth copying.