Hope with new thoughts

Larné Neuland’s mind was devoid of optimistic expectation. Depressed and without hope, the dream that life advertised had been reduced to a sham… a bluff… a lie.  Infused with the ache of loneliness and despair she was convinced that life was SO unfair! Then out of the blue, the astonishing words from a stranger, “Whatever you have in your life today, only one person is responsible. YOU! Take a look at your thoughts.”  This is when HOPE stepped in and Larné’s life changed dramatically.

Creating peace and joy

The ’cause and effect’ of thought is examined and you will be guided to form the habit of choosing thoughts that create peace and joy.

You design and construct your life and your tools are the thoughts you allow entry to your mental laboratory. In this astounding mental highway each thought attracts into your life an outcome of the nature of the thought. Every choice is yours.  You are the master in the arena of your mind and thought by thought, it’s up to you.

Use this simple program to change your attitude when things go wrong and develop the habit of selecting only positive thoughts. The Winning Attitude!

      • Are you getting what you what you want out of life?
      • Who do you blame when life is unfair?
      • Are you aware of what actually happens when you think?