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Our Story

                                One day, life was unfair to a girl. She became deeply depressed and said,                                        I can’t take it anymore, I feel like giving up. 
Then out of the blue… a stranger gave her the secret to life.
“Take a look at your thoughts.” said the stranger. 
        The girl looked at her thoughts and saw that her thoughts were exactly the same as her life was.                                They were deeply depressed and felt like giving up. The girl understood.                                              She figured out a plan to change her thoughts. She and her thoughts, are no longer depressed.      

How to Win when Life is Unfair

In 1993 Larne’ Neuland first published her book HOW TO WIN WHEN LIFE IS UNFAIR in South Africa. The fresh approach to thought understanding and mental discipline, was simple yet proved to be an excellent tool to overcome adversity and change the quality of life. Continually updated over the years, this compelling publication keeps on selling, never deviating from the winning principle.                                Larne’ has now moved to the States where she promotes her concepts for thought awareness.              “If I could get out of the hopeless mess my life was,  anyone can.  Put into practice my ‘thought plan’ and turn up the music in your life. You have all the tools you need.   Everything I have written is a result of the road travelled by me. Nothing can be validated by learned degrees from notable universities. I did not attend college. I just got married. My goal in life being, to have a happy family. Instead,  I learned a momentous truth. The quality of our thoughts is equal to the quality of our life.”

But there was something that the girl could not understand. She began asking a question.                     “Why did they not teach me about my thoughts at school?”
       The girl searched far and wide, asking many educators, psychologists, professors, even parents,            but they had no answers. All they could tell her was that during the first seven years, children lay a foundation for thinking and behavior which will serve as their mindset, for the rest of their lives.
And the girl wrote a book so that children could learn about their thoughts, during the first seven years. 

Let's take a Peek at our Thoughts

Larne’ Neuland wrote the groundbreaking book about thoughts, explaining the invisible medium on a level that children could understand.  The two opposing thought types, positive and negative, are presented as Loves and Grouches. Children learn that thoughts become things and that they choose their own thoughts. This publication is an ideal tool for parents, educators and all mentors to cross the divide and awaken thought awareness in a child’s mind.  During this period, the foundation of a child’s future behavior and thinking is under construction. Beliefs, attitudes, fears and phobias are being formed, making this a critical period which will impact their lives.  The most powerful teacher during the formatting of their brains, are the examples they are exposed to.
Let’s take a Peek at our Thoughts has been tried and tested for two decades in schools and home schools in South Africa, where the book launch was celebrated at a leading preschool,              HAPPY DAYS in  Somerset West, in the Cape.

“This little book is a gem.  No parent or teacher should be without it a copy.”
Sue Martin, Director, HAPPY DAYS Somerset West, Western Cape

And then schools and parents asked the girl a question. Can you design a program that we could use       to teach LET’S TAKE A PEEK AT OUR THOUGHTS in the classroom or at home?

And the girl created an activity guide, a mini curricula, for the course. Titled, THE FIRST SEVEN YEARS.

Laying the Mental Foundation

Tools for Kids to Learn Social Emotional Tools

A Positive Attitude Through Life

A Child's First 7 Years

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